Things to do in Rome as a couple

There are many things to do in Rome as a couple as it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

It is a popular destination among couples planning a holiday because of its rich culture, stunning architecture, and appearance in many love books, films, and poems.

From visiting the beautiful monuments together to picnicking in the gardens, we have listed the best couple-friendly things to do in Rome. 

These are add ons to your itinerary alongwith the main things to do in Rome when visiting with your partner

Evenings filled with entertainment

Evenings filled with entertainment
Photo by Vlah Dumitru on Unsplash

There’s nothing better than going to entertaining events while enjoying your partner’s company.

Rome offers an exceptional experience of Opera concerts for an unforgettable evening. 

Here are the best Opera experiences you can enjoy with someone special!

Fun-filled day trips with your partner

Day trips are the best and easiest way to explore different places around the Eternal City. 

Short-day trips are your best bet if you wish to explore beyond Rome and discover the beauty that Italy offers. 

Get your mini backpacks ready and take on this adventure with your special someone. 

Spend the day in and around Rome, marveling at different attractions while holding your partner’s hands. 

Here are the best adventurous tours you can try during your time in Rome. 

Toss a coin at the Trevi fountain

Toss a coin at the Trevi fountain
Image: Reuters.com

Make sure that a trip to the gorgeous Trevi fountain with your partner is on your to-do list.

The Trevi fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Eternal City. 

It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city, standing 26.3 metres (86 ft) high and 49.15 metres (161.3 ft) wide.

Have you heard that tossing a coin into the fountain guarantees your return to Rome? 

We surely wouldn’t miss a chance to revisit Rome with our sweetheart!

According to custom, throwing three coins into the fountain with a special someone is supposed to result in marriage. 

If you have long-term love intentions, this won’t damage your prospects at all!

No wonder why this city’s water feature is trendy among couples.

Hand in hand in Villa Borghese Garden

Hand in hand in Villa Borghese Garden
Image: Wikipedia.org

Take a break from the city noise and stroll through the lush green space— Villa Borghese Gardens. 

This public park offers flowers, lakes, and sculptures dotted around the area, making it a perfect romantic spot.

Elevate your experience with a visit to Borghese Gallery and Museum for a bit of culture.

You can also get this experience with a Roma Pass!

Kiss your loved one under the frescoed ceilings and marvel together at the awe-inspiring collection of masterpieces. 

Romance at Tiber cruise

Romance at Tiber cruise
Image: Tiqets.com

Holding hands and locking eyes with your partner can be difficult when someone is constantly honking at you from the back. 

Don’t let the irritating Roman traffic interrupt your romance.

Explore Rome on a boat and float down the Tiber river with your beloved. 

It doesn’t get more dolce than this! 

This hop-on and hop-off cruise sails within touching distance of the Vatican City, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Pantheon, Campo de’ Fiori and many more attractions. 

You can choose a roundtrip or 24-hour option and hop on or off at any attraction at your convenience. 

Discover the historical secrets and unravel the mysteries of Rome with your partner at your own pace. 

Admire the beauty at the Vatican Museums

Admire the beauty at the Vatican Museums
Image: Lera Mk from Pexels (Canva)

Spend a romantic afternoon at this brilliant place filled with opulent architecture and beautiful decor. 

The Vatican Museums will give you an elegant and dreamlike atmosphere. 

This is all you need for a vacation filled with romance with your special one. 

You can spend time together soaking up the history and beauty of masterpieces.

Make a perfect addition to your romantic museum trip by stopping at Sistine Chapel, which is home to Michelangelo’s heavenly frescoes. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get moved by the beauty and scale of the artworks at the Vatican Museums. 

Opera concert at Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma

Plan a perfect getaway with your lover by enjoying the extraordinary operatic experience at the iconic St Paul’s Within the Walls. 

The famed Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma Orchestra will take you on a journey through the history of opera. 

The seamless performances of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Bizet, and Mozart will make for a perfect romantic date setting.

An evening of classic opera, Italy’s famous musical art form, is all you need to make your significant other feel special!

Lastly, if both of you are into parties and revelries, you might as well check out nightlife in Rome for some added information.

Featured Image: Timesnownews.com

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