Best time to visit Rome

A fantastic experience always awaits you in it the Eternal City.

There are many hotels and restaurants eager to elevate your visit in Rome

But if you are looking for the best time to visit the city, plan a trip between April and June.

The weather is usually soothing around this time of the year. 

Visiting Rome too early or too late in the year can be risky, as many attractions are closed or open for a limited time. 

So, a trip in the middle of the year (April- June) will ensure that you don’t miss out on any activity. 

Seasons in Rome

Your experience of Rome will depend on the season you visit, as every season offers something different yet unique.

Learning about various seasons helps prepare perfect itineraries and pack your tour essentials 

Here are the best seasons to visit Rome. 


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In Rome, Spring starts in March and continues till May. 

It is the most pleasant time of the year, with temperatures ranging from 9°C to 20°C.

Days are warm enough for sightseeing without a coat.

Even then, you may still need to wear a jacket in the evenings. 

The weather would still be warm enough to sit outside or stroll at night without freezing. 

However, it will drizzle, so bring a raincoat or an umbrella!


Summers in Rome begin from June to August, with temperatures ranging from 32°C to 45°C.

If you are flexible with your plans, we suggest you plan a trip in June. 

The weather in June is not extreme as in July and August and lets you avoid the scorching heat.

A visit to Santa Marinella, a beach about an hour’s drive towards the city’s north, would be lovely this season.

However, don’t forget to wear a sun hat and carry a pair of sunglasses!


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September to December is the Autumn season in Rome.

Early September mornings are usually warm, but the evenings are pleasant.

Stay a bit longer, you’ll find the weather getting even better.  

The average temperature ranges from 7°C to 27°C giving the surroundings a perfect fall scenery. 

In October and November, daytime temperatures are ideal for jeans and t-shirts.

Want to get one of the best scenic views of Rome in autumn?  

Don’t miss the magnificent sunset from Gianicolo Hill or the Pincio Terrace during your visit! 


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Roman winters start in January and last till February.

The average temperature in this season is 4°C to 13°C. 

The moderate climate during this time allows for a perfect sightseeing experience without exhaustion. 

Visiting Rome during winter can be extremely rewarding due to the lesser crowd. 

We suggest you carry layers to stay warm and for maximum comfort. 

Months and activities

Different months of Rome offer a variety of experiences to travelers with different needs. 

Check out the must-try activities in Rome during various months in the table below. 

ActivityBest months
For staying outdoors in RomeMid-March, April, September and early November
For sightseeing and museum hoppingApril, June, September and October
For honeymoonApril, May, October and November
For budget travelersNovember, December, January and February
For shopaholicsJanuary and February

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