Basic Information

In Rome, you must know some basic information, rules, and guidelines that could help you explore the city better.

We have listed all the information related to currency, languages, local laws of Rome, and everything in between to help you keep all the hassle at bay.

Plus, we also have some tips that’ll be useful while visiting Rome.


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Rome’s official currency is the Euro (€).

However, you do not need to pay by cash at all times, as cards are popular in Italy. 

But we advise you to carry at least 40 to 50 Euros just in case. 

Debit cards are a commonly accepted mode of payment in Rome, Italy. 

Opt for Visa and MasterCard to avoid any difficulties.

As a rule, a withdrawal from the ATM can cost you up to €5 on average. 

To save money, we suggest you open an account in a bank with a Global ATM Alliance membership. 

You might have to pay a foreign transaction fee using a credit card.

Payments like these will increase your expense by 3%. 

To avoid this snag, you can get American Express Platinum, Capital One cards, or Discover cards.

The cost of dynamic currency conversion is another problem you should solve.

During card transactions, restaurants and shops prompt you to pay in your home currency.  

Simply reject this choice to prevent overpaying for services.


Although Italian is the official language in Rome, visitors will discover that many residents speak fluent English.

Particularly those who work in hotels, restaurants, and other tourist-related establishments.

So, even if you don’t know some Italian, do not worry! 

If you have opted for guided tours at various attractions, fret not. 

An English-speaking or multilingual guide will come to your rescue.

Local laws

There isn’t a quicker way to ruin a perfect holiday than spending time in a foreign prison.

So, better be safe than sorry.

We have listed some local laws you must remember to avoid trouble.

No swimming in the fountains

No swimming in the fountains
Image: Nytimes.com

You must avoid getting into a fountain in Rome or dipping your feet in it.

This rule applies to all the fountains, including the Trevi fountain.

Violate this rule, and authorities will fine you €450.

However, you can toss coins into the fountain. 

A local legend says that if you wish to return to the Eternal City of Rome again, toss a coin over the left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. 

No eating inside or near the monuments 

Violating this rule can invite a fine of up to €500.

According to the BBC, in 2021, the Italian police fined two American tourists €800 ($905) for entering the Colosseum before opening hours and drinking beer at its premises! 

And you surely wouldn’t want to step in their shoes, would you? 

The laws in Rome are very firm but effective.  

They ensure that tourists respect zones designated as having cultural significance. 

If you want to have a hearty meal, here are some of the best restaurants in Rome.

No driving without an international driving license

No driving without an international driving license
Image: Lisbob.ne

Many countries around the world allow tourists to drive if they have a driving license in their country of residence. 

However, tourists must have an international driving license in Italy.You’ll pay up to €1400 if caught driving without an international license.

Don’t sit on the Spanish Steps 

Spanish Steps is a walkway that connects a famous church and a popular shopping destination. 

Sitting on these steps may block people from passing through one of the busiest tourist spots. 

 According to the New York Times, a €400 fine awaits violators to this rule!

The regulations “guarantee decorum, security, and legality by prohibiting actions incompatible with historical and artistic decorum of Rome’s center,” it reports.

No drinking on the streets at night

Rome has a law banning drinking in the streets after dark.

However, there are exceptions for the outdoor areas of a bar. 

This law intends to protect Rome’s residents from notorious tourists.

Buying counterfeit goods is a criminal offense 

Buying counterfeit goods is a criminal offense
Image: Alpvision.com

Avoid purchasing “designer” goods from street vendors, as purchasing counterfeit goods is illegal in Rome. 

You will come across many street vendors offering “designer” goods at throwaway prices. We suggest that you steer clear of them.

Authorities will fine you if they see you purchasing such items, even when you don’t know they are fake.

Do not busk

Busking involves dancing, singing, juggling, etc. 

It is not allowed in public spaces or public transport in the city. 

Tipping in Rome

Tipping in Rome
Image: Explore.com

Tipping isn’t expected in Rome’s restaurants.

However, if you wish to tip, it doesn’t need to exceed 10 percent of the total bill amount. 

It is normal to leave only the spare change behind at the bar.

You can tip your housekeepers up to €1 a day in hotels.
Here are some of the best hotels and  Best restaurants in Rome for your convenience. 

Helpful phone numbers

It is always better to be well-prepared in an emergency. 

Here are some helplines that can come in handy during your stay in Rome.

Government servicesUseful phone numbers
Police (Polizia)113
Emergency break-through4197
English-speaking doctors06.488 2371
24-hour veterinary emergency06.660 681

If you lose your credit/debit cards in Rome, here are some numbers you can dial for help.

Card CompanyUseful phone numbers
American Express06.72282
Visa/ Mastercard800 151616
Diner’s Club800 864 064/ 06.3212841

If you need emergency repair services, you can reach out to these numbers for assistance. 

Emergency repairsUseful phone numbers
Electricity 800 130332
Gas (Italgas)800 900999
Water (Acea)800 1303335
Telephone (Telecom)187
Telephone (Fastweb)192 193

Parking laws

The parking zones in Rome are color coded. There are four types of parking available. 

These are the things to remember when seeking a place to park in Rome. 

ColorType of parking
Blue Paid
YellowFor disabled drivers
PinkFor pregnant women or mothers with newborns

Now that you have an idea about general rules and etiquette, here are some things you can do in Rome.

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