Roma Pass

Are you planning to visit the “Eternal City” of Rome? We have something amazing for you.

The Roma Pass is a discount card that lets you access one or two attractions for free and enter more than 45 Roman attractions at a discounted price.

Roma Pass is available in two options- 48 or 72 hours.

This sightseeing Pass for Rome also includes unlimited and free use of public transportation.

Get around the city of Rome without burning a hole in your pocket!

This Rome tourist pass is all you need to save time and money.

How does this pass work?

The Roma Pass comes in two variants— 48 hours and 72 hours – and the tourist can select while making the purchase. 

Tourists holidaying in Rome for a shorter period opt for a 48-hour Roma Pass, while those on longer vacations go for the 72-hour pass.

Once you have purchased the Rome city pass, it gets sent to your registered mail ID along with the voucher.

If you bought a 48-hour pass, you can walk in with your email and enter an attraction for free. 

With a 72-hour pass, you will get free entry into two Roman attractions of your choice. 

Once you have exhausted your free entries, you can use the Rome Discount Card to gain discounted admission to the other attractions.

Since the Roma Pass allows skip the lines entry, you don’t waste your time waiting in the long ticket counter queues. 

With these cards, you can visit each attraction only once. 

Note: you must make an online reservation in advance for the Colosseum, Borghese Gallery, Circuito dei Musei Civici, Terme di Caracalla and MAXXI.

You will get the details to make the reservations with your confirmation voucher. 

Attractions and experiences included in the Roma Pass

The Roma Pass, the most popular discount card among tourists visiting the Italian capital, offers a network of more than 45 attractions. 

These attractions are a combination of archaeological sites, museums, and monuments. 

Hop from one attraction to another using free public transport with this discounted tourist pass for Rome. 

Here is a list of popular attractions you can visit with this all-in-one Roma Pass.

Accademia Nazionale di San LucaGalleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e ContemporaneaMusei di Villa Torlonia
Circo MassimoGalleria SpadaMuseo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese
Circo Massimo ExperienceJourneys through ancient RomeMuseo Civico di Zoologia
Forum Pass SuperMausoleo di AugustoMuseo dell’Ara Pacis
Galleria BorghesePalazzo CorsiniMuseo delle Mura
Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma CapitaleMercati di TraianoMuseo di Casal de’ Pazzi
Galleria Nazionale Duarte Musei CapitoliniMuseo di Roma

Who should buy Roma Pass?

Roma Pass is ideal for large families, groups of friends, budget travelers, and backpackers who want to save money on attraction tickets. 

The pass helps visitors save up to 40% on ticket costs. 

Most visitors to Rome end up missing this massive opportunity to save money during their holiday. 

However, there are two drawbacks: The Roma Pass does not provide access to the Colosseum’s underground.

To get access to it you must buy a Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor tour ticket!

Also you can get skip the line entry at one or two Roman attractions; to get skip the line access to more attractions, check out the Rome Tourist Card!

48-hour pass vs 72-hour pass

48-hour pass vs 72-hour pass
Image: Tiqets.com

The 48 hours pass gets you entry to one attraction for free, and the 72 hours pass gets you free entry into two Roman attractions. 

If you are in Rome for more than two days, opting for the 72-hour pass is best. 

If you plan to visit many attractions, the 72-hour pass is a better option because you get three days validity. 

Rome Pass with three-day validity makes sense even if you are not on a budget holiday, but experience matters for you – because they get you inside the attraction without waiting.

Refer to this table for a better understanding.

48-hr Pass72-hr Pass
Free entry to one attractionFree entry to two attractions
Free public transport for 48 hoursFree public transport for 72 hours
Discounted entry to over 45 attractionsDiscounted entry to over 45 attractions
Free map of RomeFree map of Rome

Price of Roma Pass

The 48-hour Roma Pass is priced at €33, while the 72-hour Roma Pass costs €53.

However, only visitors aged 18 years and above need to buy the discount card, while the younger guests can walk in for free. 

Cost of the Pass

48-hour Pass: €33
72-hour pass: €53

Is the Roma Pass worth it

With the Roma Pass, visitors gain skip-the-line entry, which helps you avoid long waiting times at the ticket counters. 

Since the pass comes with free entry to the top attractions, the discount card also helps save up to 40% on your attraction ticket prices.

If you are trying to save money, time or effort, the Roma Pass is worth a buy. 

However, don’t forget that tickets and slots to the Colosseum and Borghese Gallery sell out very quickly.

Hence you must buy your pass and book your slot a month in advance! 

Featured Image: Turismoroma.it

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