Tips for visiting Rome

Some insider information while touring a foreign destination wouldn’t hurt!

Knowing some essential tips and tricks can make things easier for you, especially if you are a first-time traveler.

We have listed some tips that will come in handy when visiting Rome. 

Respect Rome’s cultural wonders and monuments!

According to the Guardian, Roman authorities reprimanded a British tourist for defacing the walls of the Colosseum.

Errants may receive a fine of up to €15,000 and even a five-year prison sentence.

Order coffee at the bar 

Order coffee at the bar
Image: Sprudge.com

If you have ordered a coffee and want it served to your table, service charges will apply, which will double your bill.

Therefore, we recommend that you order and receive the coffee directly at the bar.

When you enter a cafe, find the cashier and place your order.

Then take the receipt to the bar and receive your beverage of choice. 

Espresso usually takes only a few minutes to enjoy and can be consumed easily standing up. 

Dinner starts late

In Italy, drinking and eating are significant rituals, and meals begin later (and stay longer) than in other nations. 

Italians typically gather with friends or coworkers for an aperitivo, which consists of a drink and some light appetizers, at around 7 pm. 

Then they head to dinner at around 8 or 9 pm. 

It’s common to arrive at a restaurant at around 10 pm or late on the weekends.

Don’t forget to keep these customs in mind while visiting some of the best restaurants in Rome!

Simplicity in Italian cooking 

Italian cuisine is renowned for its simple, wholesome, and tasty ingredients. 

Still, you can feel that something needs to be added.

There aren’t any complicated sauces, fancy condiments, or many foreign items on the table. 

Enjoy your dish as it was intended to be tasted, without asking for modifications or additional ingredients, because in Italy, simplicity reigns supreme.

The “Contorni” section of the menu

Italy is a real carbohydrate lover’s delight, as pizza, spaghetti, and pastries can be found everywhere. 

You do, however, occasionally need a break from starchy foods. 

Get your fix of sautéed greens and braised Roman artichokes under the “contorni” (or side dish) section of the menu, typically featured in the back. 

Italians are masters at preparing veggies.

You can order several side dishes at once and make it a proper meal.

Don’t count on public WiFi

Rome’s internet service is patchy, and even establishments that advertise offering free WiFi can’t always guarantee availability.

Think about registering for an international internet plan or carrying a portable WiFi along to navigate around the city or for work. 

Wear your comfiest shoes

Rome’s cobblestone streets are one of the city’s most endearing features, but the uneven stones can be hard on your feet. 

Bring a few pairs of cozy walking shoes to prevent discomfort or injury. 

If you plan to wear heels, avoid stilettos since they can get caught in the cobblestone grooves, and you might end up with a twisted ankle.

Rome houses many popular attractions, and there are many things to do, so wearing your comfiest shoes makes sense.  

Dress code in church

Whether you’re devout or not, you shouldn’t miss visiting the city’s most exquisite works of art— Roman churches. 

However, remember to dress modestly when entering these sacred places. 

Men should wear knee-length pants or shorts, and women should cover their shoulders and keep their skirts at or below the knee.

Summers are a terrific time to wear linen pants, and a scarf makes the ideal last-minute cover-up if you’re wearing a tank top.

Featured Image: Jqlouise.com

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