Rome’s nightlife

Rome is constantly bustling, even at night. 

You can see groups gathering in the squares and streets from 7 in the evening, hopping from bar to bar. 

You’ll discover that Rome’s nightlife bursts with vivid colors and adventures during your trip.

In this article, we will help you navigate Rome’s party culture and list out the best bars so you can drink and dance your night away.

And if you are not a lover of soirees, here are some free things you can do in the evenings

What is Rome’s nightlife culture like?

What is Rome’s nightlife culture like
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Around 7 pm, the classic Roman evening begins with an aperitif. 

You can then enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with delectable appetizers or an entire buffet.

The meal follows, which Italians love to eat in the late evening, and it goes on until 10 pm. 

Typically, parties don’t start until 11 or 12 pm. Dance parties go until dawn on steamy dance floors and bustling summer decks.

The best time to enjoy the city’s nightlife is during the summer.

The crowds disperse in the streets around that time, and you can watch the sunrise while dancing on a rooftop or terrace venue!

All the action occurs in Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori, the city’s historical centers.

They’re bustling with tourists, but if you look closely, you might discover some secret wine cellars and upscale eateries!

You can easily walk or ride a bike to hop from one place to another in the city’s center. 

But, if you live at a distance, do not worry. The night buses in Rome run until 5.30 in the morning. 

The bars and eateries in Trastevere have a bohemian vibe and are crowded with both residents and tourists. 

This is the finest spot to check out if you want to find a great aperitif in Rome.

The majority of students like to hang out at San Lorenzo. 

This neighborhood is full of reasonably priced pubs, bars, and cultural institutions with a laid-back and youthful vibe.

Romans gather in Monte, Testaccio, and Ostiense neighborhoods to party till dawn. Rome’s hottest nightclubs are located here!

Best nightclubs in Rome

Here is a list of the best clubs and bars in Rome that will give you a night to remember or not if you’ve had too many tequila shots.

The Magick Bar: best summer bar

The Magick Bar is a swanky cocktail establishment in Rome’s Prati district. 

It is a true hidden gem and the ideal summer retreat in the city’s center.

You can enjoy and dance on DJ set on a living room-style terrace above the Tiber River. 

This isn’t your typical touristy aperitivo bar, so expect a local and hip crowd here!

The bar is located at Lungotevere Guglielmo Oberdan and is open every day from June to September, from 6 pm to 2 am. 

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy: best secret bar

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy
Image: Xceed.me

This is a private club hidden in Rome’s Ponte neighborhood. 

It is difficult to discover this bar as, from the outside, it looks like an ordinary house. 

You need to get a secret password to enter, which you will receive after making a reservation online

This secret bar at Vicolo Cellini is open between 9 pm and 3.30 am from Wednesday to Saturday. 

On Sundays, it is operational from 9 pm to 2.30 am. Mondays are closed. 

101 Club Rome: best gay bar

101 Club Rome
Image: Xceed.me

The LGBTQI+ scene in Rome is dominated by 101 Club.

This exclusive queer club is situated in the Monti district. 

You can come here to sing along to your favourite songs, dance the night away, and meet others who share your interests.

The 101 Club is the place to go if you’re seeking for a secure refuge where you may express yourself without fear. 

The place is open between 11 pm to 4 am from Monday to Thursday. 

On Friday and Saturday, the place is operational from 11 pm to 5 am. 

The club remains closed on Sundays.

Alcazar Live: best jazz club

Alcazar was an old movie theatre that was transformed into a bustling centre for various cultural activities. 

This club is located in Trastevere region of Rome and has something to offer everyone.

Nearly every evening, live events are held at Alcazar

The events include live jazz and funk musicians, funk and art exhibitions, pop-up markets, theatre, and art-house movies.

You can have a drink or dine on a locally based menu in the chic restaurant upstairs with a view of the stage.

Alcazar is open every day from 7 pm to 2 am. 

MONK Roma: best family-friendly club

Image: Monkroma.it

MONK Roma is in Tiburtino quarter of Rome. 

It has two indoor event spaces and a sizable green space that is used for outdoor events during the warmer months. 

The Living Room area hosts more private events like readings and stand-up comedy. 

The place hosts live performances. You will find everything from jazz, ethnic, and author music to cutting-edge electronic music. 

The MONK organization also hosts a number of workshops, panels, marketplaces, and even a summer camp for kids!

It’s the ideal gathering place for people of all ages. 

You can expect positive energy, delicious food, and engaging seasonal programming at MONK Roma.

It is open on Saturdays, from 12 pm to 12 am, and on Sundays, from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Featured Image: Theviennablog.com

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