How to get to Vatican City from Rome: Transport & Location!


The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, covering an area of 109 acres in Rome! 

It has two main entrances which you must get to before reaching the Vatican Museums. 

Visitors planning to visit this transportless city must know how to get to Vatican City from Rome, the closest entrance to the Museum, and more! 

Read further and discover the best transport details that will bring you close to the Vatican Museum entrance and the museum’s location in the city. 

Location of Vatican City in Rome

The Vatican City is located at the heart of Rome and is made up of the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, and some other holy spots.  

It stands on the west bank of the Tiber and is the smallest independent state, surrounded by walls on all sides!

Many transportation options are available from Rome to get you to the Vatican City, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Address of Vatican City 

The address to the Vatican City is Citta del Vatticano, 00120 Vatican City. Get Directions 

Vatican City Entrances 

The Vatican City has two entrances, the Viale Vaticano and Via della Concillazione entrance. 

The Viale Vaticano entrance is at the North, dropping you closest to the Vatican Museum.

The Via della Concillazione entrance is at the East of Vatican City, and you will come onto St. Peter’s Square when you enter from here. 

When visiting the Vatican Museum, we highly recommend you choose the Viale Vaticano entrance. 

How to get to Vatican City from Rome: Public Transportation Details

Transportation To Vatican Museums

The Vatican City is easily accessible by many public transportation options, as it is surrounded by Rome on all sides. 

Here are some options to choose from when traveling from different parts of Rome to the holy city:

By Metro: A Quick Trip

Closest Vatican stop: Ottaviano S. Pietro Station

Metro Timings: Sundays to Thursdays from 5.30 am to 11.30 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30 am to 1.30 am. 

How long to reach: 10-15 minutes. 

A guide to the trip: 

  • Take the line A metro and get off at Ottaviano S. Pietro Station
  • It is a 7-minute walk from the Vatican Museum via Viale Vaticano 
  • The Cipro metro station is also close to the Vatican Museum, which is a 9-minute walk away.
  • You can also choose to alight at the Lepantro Station, which will take you closer to the Cola di Rienzo Street with many shopping centers. 

How to Get to Vatican City from Rome By Bus: Experience the Local Life

Closest Bus Stop: Viale Vaticano/ Musei Vaticani 

Bus Timings: Bus services are available from 5.30 am to 12 am, and the Night buses begin from 12 am to 5.30 am. You can access the bus 24/7 in Rome.

How long to reach: Once you get off the bus the Vatican is a few minutes away. The time you will spend on the bus depends on the stop you board from. 

A guide to your bus trip: 

By Train: Route from Roma Termini to Vatican City

Closest Train Station: St. Pietro Station

Timings: You can catch the first train from Roma Termini at 5.35 am, and catch a train every 30 minutes. The last train from Roma Termini is at 10.35 pm. 

How long to reach: The station is a 27-minute walk from the Vatican Museum and a 10-minute walk to St. Peter’s Square. 

A guide to the Train journey: 

RE 12524 going towards Civitavecchia and RE 4134 going to Pisa Centrale stop at St. Pietro Station. You can board any of these trains. 

How to get to Vatican City from Rome By Tram: Rome’s Scenic Transport  

Closest Tram Station: Piazza del Risorgimento

Timings: From 5.30 am to 12 am 

How long to reach: You will have to walk for 7 minutes to get to the Vatican Museum. 

A guide for the Tram journey: 

Board Tram 19 from Gerani and get down at Piazza del Risorgimento. 

How to get to Vatican City by Car: Navigate Rome in Comfort

Private and public vehicles are prohibited in the Vatican City, but you can get your car to the entrance via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

You can also travel to the Vatican City via Viale del Muro Torto, which is a longer route. 

Visitors will have to park their cars outside the Vatican, so here are some excellent parking options close to the entrances: 

  • Parking Prati is a supervised and paid parking space in Piazza dell’Unità, 62, 00100 Roma RM, Italy, which is close to Vatican City. 
  • Garage San Pietro is 300 km away from San Pietro and is close to St. Peter’s Square. Address is Piazza di Santa Maria alle Fornaci, 26, 00165 Roma RM, Italy.
  • Vespasiano Garage which is within walking distance from the Vatican Museum, offers an hourly, daily, or monthly parking package. 

How to Get to Vatican City from Rome On Foot: A Solo Traveler’s Delight

Route: From Piazza Navona, which is 30 minutes away from the Vatican Museum.

Begin at Via de Coronari and take a right onto Via de Panico. 

Take the public crossing leading to Ponte Sant’Angelo, and you will reach the Via della Concillazione Vatican gate. 

Why walk on foot to the Vatican?

Travelers on a budget will not spend a single euro to get to the Vatican and also enjoy the small beautiful spots along the way. 

How to get to the Vatican Museum Once Inside Vatican City

How To Get To Vatican Museums

Once you are at the entrance, knowing how to get to the Vatican Museum from there is important. 

Here are some directions to help you easily get to the Vatican Museum from the Vatican entrances!

  1. From Viale Vaticano Entrance

If you enter the Viale Vaticano Entrance, you must keep walking to the North side.

After walking for seven minutes, you will see the Vatican Museums on the right side of the street.

If you do not see it, don’t panic! You can ask around or look for a signboard directing you to the Museums. 

  1. From Via Della Concillazione Entrance 

Most visitors end up standing in line at St. Peter’s Basilica, thinking it leads to the Vatican Museum when entering the city from Via della Concillazione. 

We recommend you avoid this long queue and start walking toward Largo del Colonnatto, which is on the right side of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Continue along Via di Porta Angelica until you see the Vatican City border wall. 

Walk onto Piazza del Risorgimento, from where you must turn left.

On Via Lione VI Street, the border wall turns right, and you have to walk left and leave the wall behind.

The left street is Viale Vaticano, and if you keep walking in a straight path from here, you will arrive at the Vatican Museum!

For better navigation, we recommend using Google Maps and entering your current location and destination. 

First-time visitors who want more help navigating the Museums should check out our Vatican Museum map article! 

It will take you around 15 minutes to get to the Vatican Museum from St. Peter’s Basilica via this route. 

Tips for a Comfortable Journey to Vatican City from Rome!

Here are some helpful tips to plan your journey in a way that will give you the best travel experience!

  • Book your Vatican Museum tickets in advance. Booking early ensures you avoid long queues and can get a ticket from the limited number available.
  • Leave Rome early in the morning to go to the Vatican to avoid crowded transport.
  • Confirm Vatican Museum hours before visiting. You can easily plan your schedule according to this information. 
  • Ensure you are dressed as per the Vatican dress code to avoid further delay in your journey. 
  • Arrive early enough so you have enough time to get through the security checks. 
  • Avoid speaking loudly or screaming in the City. Loud music should be completely avoided, as it is a holy space.
  • Plan a schedule so you can cover the Vatican City in one day
  • Carry a water bottle on your visit since the Vatican demands a lot of walking in the sun.
  • Wear comfortable shoes so you can travel and enjoy exploring all the Vatican spots without injuring your feet. 

FAQs on How to get to Vatican City from Rome

  1. Which bus lines lead to the Vatican City?

    The bus lines 49, 40, 64, 32, 81, 982, 492, and 990 drop passengers near the Vatican City. 

  2. Which metro stop for the Vatican Museum?

    Ottaviano S. Pietro Metro stop is the closest to the Vatican Museum. You can also get off at Cipro and Lepanto Stations.

  3. Which Vatican City entrance is closest to the Vatican Museum?

    The Viale Vaticano city entrance is closest to the Vatican Museum entrance. 

  4. Which is the closest public transport stop to the Vatican Museum? 

    The Musei Vaticani bus stop is located in front of the Vatican Museum and is the closest public transport stop to the Museum. 

  5. Where can I find parking spaces near the Vatican City?

    You can park your cars at the Vespasiano Garage, San. Pietro Garage, or Parking Prati Garage near the Vatican City.

  6. Which is the cheapest way to get to Vatican City? 

    The train is the cheapest transportation option to get to Vatican City. A ticket costs around €2 to €4 to get to the Vatican from Rome.

  7. Do I need to pay to explore the Vatican City?

    You do not need to pay to walk around the Vatican City. But you will have to buy a ticket if you want to visit the Vatican Museum or Sistine Chapel.

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